Have questions about your AIM Overseas journey? Check out our frequently asked questions below! đź‘‡
Am I Eligible? 
To be eligible for an AIM Overseas program, you would generally need to have completed at least 1 year of subjects within a university degree related to the program you've just applied for.

If you aren't sure if you are eligible, you can submit your results by clicking the red button so one of our Student Experience Coordinators can assess this for you!

Do I need to be enrolled in a University degree?
No, you do not need to be currently enrolled in an Australian University degree in order to participate in an AIM Overseas program! If you've already graduated or graduated a while ago, send us your transcript and we can still assess your eligibility for the program with this documentation! đźŽ“

Are you currently employed within the field or have completed an internship relating to the program recently? You can even provide us with a letter of referral from your employer or internship supervisor to assist with your eligibility assessment if you do meet the above requirement of 1 year of subjects completed in an university degree.

Remember to submit your results so our Student Experience Coordinators can guide you!
How Do I Fund My Program?

There are a few funding options for your program!

Students generally choose to fund their program through personal savings, working to save up, some help from friends or family members, bank loans or an OS-HELP loan.

You can read more about how to fund your overseas study here!

What is the OS-HELP loan, and how do I apply?
If you’re receiving credit for the program, you may be eligible for the OS-HELP loan!
You can apply for over $6,700, and this is added to your HECS-HELP debt.
You can find the eligibility requirements for that here if you’re not sure whether you’re eligible. You will apply for the loan through your Australian university.
We recommend that you contact your Australian university for more information about your eligibility, the application process, and expected turn around for the loan.
This is paid directly into students’ accounts, so you can use this to fund part of the program fee if you wish.

Please note that your final program fee may be due before you receive the loan. As such, we recommend that students have another option to pay if this is the case.

Are there travel grants or scholarships available for this program?
Some Australian universities also offer their students who are participating in an AIM Overseas or short-term program a travel grant or scholarship towards their overseas study. To find out more, please contact your Australian University’s Study Abroad or International Office.

How much spending money should I budget?
Depending on the program and destination, this amount will differ. To help you figure this out for your program, check out the AIM Overseas Study Overseas Live episode on the left for tips about how to budget for spending money!

Program Logistics 

How much time do I have outside the scheduled class time?
This varies between programs. Some programs offer free weekends and afternoons, while others have scheduled weekends trips and site visits after class. But don’t fret! There will be plenty of time for you to immerse yourself within the culture and sights of your new city. You can ask your coordinator for recommendations as they will offer great advice about things to do that aren’t too far.

How many students do you accept onto the program?
This also varies between programs. Programs such as those in Oxford and Cambridge may NOT fill up, but other programs have limits due to class sizes, activities and accomodation. To find the maximum number of students for a particular program, check out the program on our website for the details.
Some programs do fill up faster than others. To secure your place on one of these amazing programs, it is important to apply and proceed with your application as soon as possible.

Can I apply with a friend?
Absolutely! We encourage students to bring a friend who is also eligible. It is best to let us know if you are applying with a friend for the same program. This way we can make sure you proceed together so you can both secure a place on a program! We will also do our best to have you stay together at your accomodation if possible.

What's Included In An AIM Overseas Program? 

Inclusions of an AIM Overseas program will vary from program-to-program. Search your program on our website here to find out exactly what is included in your program.

All of our programs will include:
- Accommodation
- Tuition
- Site and Cultural visits
- AIM Overseas pre-departure service and support

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes, it is a requirement that all students purchase their own comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of the program.

You may want to check with your Australian university to see if you are automatically covered by their travel insurance!

Can I Receive Credit Towards My Degree?
All of our programs are designed to count for credit towards an undergraduate elective towards at an Australian university.

Your Australian university is the one who will approve your credit for your program. This may depend on your current study plan, or your university’s processes.

You’re still welcome to participate on the program, even if you aren’t receiving credit towards your degree!

How do I apply for credit?
If you’re eligible for the program, we’ll send you more information about applying for credit at your specific Australian university.

We recommend getting in touch with your International Office, or your faculty at your university if you have any specific questions about this!
Support While Overseas
Can I get in touch with other students before the program?
Yes! We have specific Facebook groups for each program. We’ll send you the link to join these after you’ve completed your Pre-Acceptance Online Module.

Make sure you join your programs Facebook group, as you can reach out to other students also going on the program! There are also past students in these groups, and they have some great advice.

This is also where we’ll stream your Pre-Departure Webinars live!

What support do I have while on the program?
Each program will have a program coordinator from the host university, so you can ask them any questions you have while on the program.

While you’re on the program, a staff member here at AIM Overseas will have an emergency phone, which will be reachable 24/7 in case of an emergency.

We’ll give you any important contact details from the host university support services during your Pre-Departure session, so you’ll know who to contact in any situation!

What do I need to know before I go?
Around 6 weeks to 2 months before your program begins, we’ll let you know when your Pre-Departure Webinar will be held!

This will be streamed live in your program-specific Facebook group, and we’ll go through everything you need to know before you go, and what do to once you arrive on the program.

You can ask questions in the comment section as we go, and we’ll answer them live for you! You’ll also be sent some more digital resources for this at the same time.

What is the Global Society?
The Global Society is a national network for Australian University students who have overseas study experience. As part of your AIM Overseas program fee we include a Professional membership to the Global Society to enhance your overseas experience.

This is a lifetime membership that gives you access to an extensive range of benefits and support around overseas study! For more information, visit the Global Society website: www.globalsociety.com.au
Do I Need A Visa?

You may be required to purchase or obtain a visa prior to your departure for your program. This is dependant on the country you are travelling over to.

However, AIM Overseas is not an embassy or a consulate, as such all following information regarding visa should only be taken as advice.

All advice is only relevant to Australian Passport holders. Non Australian passport holders will need to seek the advice of a relevant consulate or embassy to ensure you're correctly entering your host country for your AIM Overseas program.

Make sure to also refer to the Australian Smartraveller website here.

Travel Information
I’m a first time traveller- will I receive any help with travel for the program?
Yes! We’ll ask you some more information about your travel experience a bit later in your application, as well as whether you have any concerns. That way, we can get in touch with you to offer some advice!

Apart from that however, feel free to contact us at any time, through the buttons at the bottom of the page!

All of our team are very experienced travellers, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions! We also go through very detailed pre-departure information before the program begins to let you know what you need to do before you go.

Can I do some travel before/after the program?
You’re definitely welcome to do some travel before or after your program! Since students book their own flights, this means you have a bit more flexibility for your travel plans. Just make sure that you’re in your host city for the arrival date, until the departure date. Also, be mindful of any assessments you have due after your program concludes.

Bear in mind that you’ll need to arrange your own accommodation for any time outside of the program dates. 
How do I go about booking flights for the program?
You’ll need to book your own flights for the program. Just make sure that you’re there for the arrival date, until the departure date. We recommend arriving during the day on your arrival date, so that it’s easiest for you to get to your accommodation!

We highly recommend waiting until you’ve received your host acceptance letter before booking your flights.
What's Next?