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AIM Overseas:
We Transform Lives

Our mission is to enrich the lives of people through study and travel, because life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

At AIM Overseas we believe that overseas study transforms the lives of university students. In everything we do, we believe in being innovative, constantly pushing ourselves to improve and putting quality experiences above everything else.

The way we do this is by creating high quality overseas study courses taught by leading academics at exceptional universities overseas. These institutions are in destinations that ‘make sense’ for the topic being taught (and not just in ‘sexy’ destinations that ‘sell’). We are relentless in our pursuit of quality, focusing on developing and refining innovative, cutting edge courses, as well as delivering exceptional customer service and support for the students who are preparing for those courses.
What's AIM Overseas All About?

This short video will tell you all about AIM Overseas' philosophy, values and activities. 

Passionate About Our People

At AIM Overseas we're incredibly passionate about our people: we want to help everyone who works here to do their best work and continuously improve, personally and professionally.

That means we support our team with their projects and learning goals, and by investing in their professional development. As an organisation that is growing and creating incredible impact, there are heaps of opportunities for our team to pursue their interests.

Marine Hautemont and Rob Malicki
AIM Overseas' Founders and Directors
"We're incredibly proud of the awesome team that work at AIM Overseas who make a difference to hundreds of students every single day. Every day in the office is a pleasure."
Carly Edwards
Senior Student Experience Manager
"I love AIM Overseas’ innovative culture where everyone is constantly pushing themselves to grow, both personally and professionally. This is my 3rd + year working with the company and it has been a wonderful journey with my young, driven and enthusiastic colleagues to transform lives of university students."
Tash Corner
Marketing and Communications Manager
"I absolutely love working for AIM Overseas because it is a company which truly understands how studying abroad invigorates a student’s future. Not only that, but AIM Overseas also ensures its employees are being continuously challenged and growing as individuals."
Ione Stephenson
Senior Student Experience Coordinator
"The best part about working at AIM Overseas is knowing that each and every day you are giving students the opportunity to have the study experience of a lifetime overseas - it's extremely rewarding knowing you've had a hand in changing people's lives."
Current Roles with AIM Overseas
• Student Experience Coordinator